Anonymous Donation Allows Max It To Relaunch!

Today the founder of Max It received a call from an individual that wishes to remain anonomous. They stated that they hate to see Max It offline and wanted to help with the campaign in a significant way. With that, we're happy to announce that with that single donation our basic site goal has been reached!


Over the next few days, we'll be bringing the new site online and progressively add the article submission form. Though this is not the full site, nor the formal one, it will bridge that gap and bring back The Voice of Indie Film. Once again allowing indie filmmakers to submit press releases on their projects!


Our campaign will continue, as we work to rebuild and upgrade the hardware, software, security and site!


Thank you to everyone that has contributed up to this point! We also thank everyone that is yet to contribute!

Where's Max It Hiding?

Thank you for visiting Max It Magazine.


As you can see the usual site isn't here. Check out our What Happened? page to find out... Well, what has happened and what's going to be happening!


Don't let hackers silence the Global Voice of Indie Film! Spread the word!



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Count Down To The Rebuild!

Support The Max It Rebuild! Give Indie Film It's Voice Back!

Donations Total


Thanks for helping to make this happen!  Today's anonymous donation will allow for the relaunch of a basic site. Continued donations will go to upgrades, security and the extra hardware!

Check out the Benchmarks page to see where the money is going & the Rewards page for the great things you'll get for donating!


All donations will get any new rewards for that amount! Even if you've already contributed!

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